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The Vika Story Part 1

Ok, here it is... My Mom (Jane) has given us the details of how it all started.

She writes, "About 3 years ago, it all began with a prayer. We had visited some orphanages in Sumy, Ukraine and saw those kids who needed a home. I prayed first that maybe our kids would adopt some day from Ukraine, then in 2005 Lisa had mentioned that they were talking about adopting from Ukraine. I asked the Lord if He would have them adopt that I could be some part of it."

In May of 2005 we went to an orphanage with some friends in Kiev, so I could cut any kids hair who wanted to have their hair cut. Judy and Mike Manna took us as they had been doing ministry with this orphanage. I cut hair and Judy pointed out a little girl named Vika, and said we should adopt her. I said forget it as John would never want to raise kids again.
In March of 2006 Johnny and Lisa came to Ukraine to visit and wanted to visit orphanages to see what the Lord had for them and so we went to Sumy for one day and visited 4 orphanages with kids from babies to teens. Johnny and Lisa were both drawn to the older group of kids around 7 to 13 they told us.

DCP_5805 DCP_5836
Then in May 2006 Judy Manna called with an idea for us to take custody of Vika and keep her for the year waiting time and then for our kids to adopt her. I said of course we would pray about it and thought that would be the end of it. The Lord had different plans, as John and I talked about it and John said within a few days that we should see if Johnny and Lisa were interested in her as she was 9 and then make a decision. They were very interested and then...
(Stay tuned for Part 2)

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