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The Vika Story Part 2

(Read Part 1 here)
Mom continues the story...
...They(Johnny & Lisa) were very interested (in adopting Vika) and then at the end of May we got a call asking if we would get Vika and bring her to Kiev to see a doctor. So we said we would be praying that maybe we could get custody during this month that the orphanage had given her to us. But at the end of May we got a call saying we had to bring Vika back for "Last Bell" (which is the last day of school). So we did but they would not let us keep her because we didn’t have legal custody of her and the orphanage didn't have a legal right to give her to us in the first place. We thought that this was the end of the whole thing because we were told that Vika's great grandmother had custody and had made a statement that no one would ever get Vika till she was dead.

A week or so later we received a call from the lawyer (Dima) we had been working with. Dima said he would pursue going to see Vika's great grandmother. So he went and we received a call saying that the great grandmother wanted to meet us when Vika got home from camp.
Vika's grandmother 020
So we planned a trip as soon as Vika got to her grandmother's. When Vika saw us she ran to me and hugged me and was happy to see me. Her grandmother said, we could have her and that Johnny & Lisa could adopt her. The great grandmother cried much of the time as she talked and shared with us that Vika had told her that she called us, "Grandma and Grandpa" because we were going to be her grandparents because Johnny & Lisa were going to adopt her so she could have a Mama and Papa.

So we waited as Dima did the paper work for us to get custody to bring Vika to Kiev and start her in school. Dima had found a external school which would work with us. And Dima was working on getting Vika to be able to go to America to meet her new family.
We hired a tutor, Nadesda and she came 4 times a week to work with Vika and I worked with her on homework. The Lord did it all so that she would learn what she needed.
First day of school 002
Many people had been praying for us and for getting Vika. On Monday August 21st, 2006 Dima called and said we could pick Vika up on Wednesday August 23, 2006 from her great grandmother's.
Day we got Vika 013
We continued to pray that the Lord would get all the paper work done with Vika's passport to take her to America in Sept. 29, 2006. After 2 trips to American embassy to get a visa the Lord provided through much prayer. We bought tickets and flew to the states with Vika. She was so excited as we flew and couldn’t' wait to meet her Mama and Papa as she told me many times on the plane. She dressed in traditional Ukrainian shirt and headdress (see here) and was excited for her mama and papa to see her and continued to asked what they would say.
Still more to come...

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