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Day 3 - Child Department Interview...

Lisa & I traveled by ourselves via of taxi to the child department in downtown Ukraine this morning for our 10:00am interview. It was about an hour drive. Our lawyer, Dima, and our translator for the interview met us there. The interview was incredibly short. I think it only lasted about 10 minutes. The lawyer said that it is important in the interview to show that we have a good relationship with Vika. Lisa brought pictures of when Vika stayed with us in Michigan for 3 months. And the pictures were key to showing the child department that we have had a good relationship with Vika.

They asked only a few short questions like how met Vika and about how many children we have. They were really kind and friendly. One of ladies doing the interview did make one comment that was encouraging. She noted that with all our children, that they would try to hurry the process so we could get back to them. We, of course, don't know what exactly that means and we don't want to get our hopes up too much, but we were encouraged!

We have to return again tomorrow(Fri.) at 4pm to get some more paperwork and then possibly next week we will have to make an official visit to Vika's orphanage.

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