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Guess Who's Pregnant?

{Lord willing, we will have #5 in April 2008}

Here is crude but real cultural and modern view of the number of children a couple should have... It is generally quite acceptable to not have children at all. If you have one or maybe two children, you are considered fairly normal. If you have three children, you've made a mistake, and you should definitely stop. If you have four children than something is definitely wrong with you. If you have five children, you are practically being irresponsible. And if you have six or more children, you are simply messed up in the head and ought to be medicated and sterilized and possibly shipped off to some remote island. :-)

So I've been thinking it would be fun to create a top 10 list and push some people over the edge. :-)

[Disclaimer: Some people don't know that I have a sick sense of humor, so please don't misunderstand these. They are meant to be FUNNY! (except #1)]

10. Because I had a vision one night that Lisa was pregnant
9. Because I am simply irresistible
8. Because Lisa is simply irresistible
7. Because Lisa has too much free time on her hands and needs more to do
6. Because we don't believe in birth control
5. Because most everyone plays it safe with 1.7 children, but we believe in taking risks
4. Because we have yet to figure out how babies are made
3. Because we think it is a waste of money and time to use the extra income to buy a cottage on the lake, a boat, etc.
2. Because we think it's funny when people stare and point at us like we're freaks
1. Because we love children and can't think of any better way to spend our time, energy, and money

P.S. Yes, we are still pursuing Vika (#6)! But as of right now, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get her until the Fall of 2008. Keep praying that it would go through and everything would fall into place.

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