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Day 5 - The Knights Came to Visit Us...

Reverend Pastor Brain (oops...Brian) & Amy Knight have come all the way from the U.P.(Michigan) to visit us here in Ukraine. (Ok the "Reverend" & "Brain" thing is a little inside joke & they didn't actually come to visit us.) But they are definitely here in Ukraine, & I've got a picture to prove it.
Brian use to pastor at Graham Community Church ( www.grahamchurch.org ). It's been almost 6 years ago since I had the privilege of the serving the Lord with Brian at Graham. Those of you who know Brian & Amy know that they now live and serve in the Houghton/Hancock area of the Upper Pennisula ( www.bbcinchrist.org ).

Brian & Amy came to Ukraine as Brian taught a group of Ukrainian Christians about 12 hours away (via of train) on the topic of spiritual gifts this week. It is common for pastors to come from USA to teach for a week in Ukraine usually to other pastors and leaders. They just returned to my parents apartment this morning. Isn't that just neat how God arranged that we could all be together at the same time in Ukraine!? They will be here until Tuesday.

This evening, we will be getting together with John & Leanne Paetkau. In August of 2007, Caleb & I went with a group from Graham Church to Sumy, Ukraine on a short-term mission trip. We primarily did some painting at camp for children that John & Leanne serve at. We look forward to seeing them.

We are anxiously waiting until Monday to visit Vika at the orphanage!

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