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Day 28 - The Nigerian Wedding - Weekend Edition Part 2

Silas & Ruth invited us all to their wedding and reception yesterday. They are both from Nigeria and Silas' father is an Ambassador here in Ukraine. Silas and Ruth both attend the International church we've been attending here.

The wedding was actually a fairly typical American wedding. The pastor was originally from Dallas, Texas. The normal wedding vows were recited. It was all in English and then translated into Russian. The wedding march sounded like some kind of African praise song and it was quite good. You could definitely get into it.

Lisa and I had the priviledge of being asked to sit by Silas' mother and father in the front row.
Now, what was particularly interesting is that during the whole wedding ceremony there were several people walking all around taking pictures. You would have thought that they let in the paparazzi. I've included a picture below, but I couldn't capture everyone taking pictures.
The pastor announced that they are now man and wife!

I'm going to upload more pictures for your enjoyment and interest.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the reception which was even more interesting along with some video. Stay tuned!

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