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Day 19-20 - The Weekend Edition (maybe some concern)

Lisa, Grandma, & Gabi made a trip to the orphanage to visit Vika on Saturday. They had a good time and Vika was happy to see Gabi for the first time since we've been here. It's around 3 hours by train each way, so we were not sure how Gabi would do on the trip. But she did quite well.Lisa and I went to the lawyers office to sign some more documents. It was simple & short. But Ivan did mentioned that court is requiring more documents than is required by law. He is getting all the extra documents that they are asking for, but it does raise our concerns. The concern is that Ivan will give them the documents and they'll ask for more documents. This does appear to be the Ukrainian way. It might not effect the outcome, but it could delay the process some more.

So please be in prayer for Ivan tomorrow(Monday), as he will travel to Nizhyn by himself to apply for a court date. We, of course, would love to have a court on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we are trusting God's timing! :)

P.S. The next time you talk with Lisa or Jane, you'll have to ask them about the drunk Ukrainian who was hasseling them as they were doing their morning run. Let's say that it was a little scary, but my Mom seems to know how to handle the drunks around here. Thank goodness for the guy in the white van stepping in to help. And you would think that would deter them from running? Nope! It must help them pick up the pace or they like living on the edge! :)

P.S. 2 - Maybe some of you could write to my mom and plead with her to at least carry a cell phone while they run for safety reasons.


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