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Day 7 - Lisa Got Arrested by the Police...

Do you see Lisa in the back seat? Well, she is in the back seat right next to me taking the picture. Our driver got pulled over in Nizhyn, the town we traveled to today, for unknowingly turning at a red light. (I had to give a spicy title so that you might be interested in reading the blog.) :) HA HA!!!

Well, it was interesting long day. We left a little after 7:30am and returned home almost 12 hours later. Our driver got us to Nizhyn in two hours, but it took almost three to get home. The reason in the time difference was that at times we were traveling 160 miles per hour (oops... kilometers per hour). But if you do the math, we were actually going around 100 miles per hour at times. We went a lot slower on the way back.

When we arrived in Nizhyn, we picked up the social worker and went to the orphanage. Ivan, our lawyer, Lisa, & I met with the orphanage director & social worker. They looked over our papers and filled out forms and asked us nothing. Vika came in for a little while and appeared a bit nervous. Ivan dialoged a little bit with the orphanage director and then the meeting ended. Lisa & I ended up staying with Vika for a couple of hours at the orphanage and Ivan left with the social worker to do some more paper work with social worker. Bottom line, it was a very good meeting because we got a lot more paper work than was anticipated! Ivan seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the good response! Yet, we could not complete all the paper work. So we have to go back tomorrow to complete some more documents. Hopefully, we will be able to get them all and maybe apply them at the child department in Kiev, which will need to happen next before we can get a court date.

One other interesting event occurred. We needed to stop at another place to get some more paperwork and sign some forms. Yet, we could not sign the forms without an interpreter. Ivan was not qualified to be an interpreter according to their rules. Yet, God obviously arranged a lady to be there who was qualified to be an interpreter. It turns out that the lady was signing some documents for the purchase of a house at the same time. So Ivan got her to interpret the form into English for us. On top of that, she was a believer who became a Christian through Calvary Chapel here in Ukraine. We continue to be awed by how God is faithful to orchestrate the people and events of our lives! God is good all the time!!!

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