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Day 29 - Completed some U.S. Embassy Documents & Reception Videos

Lisa, my Dad, & I traveled about an hour away to the U.S. Embassy to complete some documents for departing from Ukraine. It was fairly simple and the people were friendly to deal with. These documents needed to be completed before I am able to leave for the USA. If court goes well, then I will probably depart to the USA on Monday or Tuesday. Lisa will likely have to stay around 3 more weeks to finalize the paperwork. And then my parents, Lisa, and the kids will return together to the USA. (By the way, we have grown in a new level of appreciation for the United States.)

We want you to know that we really MISS YOU ALL!!!

Silas & Ruth's reception was a hoot. They had various people come up front and speak words of wisdom to Silas & Ruth. And they had a few performances as well. I've included some of them below. Wow! It was quite interesting.

Here are some pictures of the wedding if you are interested...

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