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Day 31 - Tomorrow is the Big Court Day...

Well, after almost 5 weeks in Ukraine, we are finally planning on our court appointment tomorrow. We depart at 9:20am with Dima and Ivan our lawyers. Dima will be driving us this time to Nizhyn. We will appear before the judge around 12:30pm.

We are not positive on exactly how it will all be handled. We understand that Vika is suppose to come with us. The judge will potentially ask us and Vika some questions. Vika will probably be asked directly if she wants to be adopted and we might be asked why we want to adopt. At this point, it appears that everything is set to go, but we need to be prepared that anything could change at the last moment.

What's that? How can you pray for us? I'm glad you asked! ;)

  • Pray that we will safely make it to court on time.
  • As we understand it, the social worker and orphanage director are to be present for court. So pray that everyone who needs to be there will show up.
  • It doesn't sound like that this particular judge has done many adoptions at all. So he apparently doesn't know the laws well as we have already experienced. So pray that he will see the process through.
  • Pray that our lawyers will have God's wisdom and grace to deal with judge and those in authority.
  • Lastly, pray that God would be glorified through this whole process!

Thanks for your support and encouragement!!!

Johnny, Lisa, & Family

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