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Day 8 - Maybe Tomorrow...

Well... (pause)... we did NOT get all the documents today like we had hoped for. The social services director was not in the office again, so we could not complete all the documents. We did get some more documents completed at the orphanage, but it looks like we will have to return again tomorrow. This is a pretty normal process for Ukraine according to my parents who have had to complete various kinds of documents. But, of course, this will continue to delay the process.

We were able to visit with Vika again while our lawyer Ivan was working on some of the documents. We also got pulled over again by the police, but it appears that we escaped getting a ticket. We are not sure what the driver did wrong, maybe nothing.

Lastly, we ran out of gas on the way home. Fortunately, we were real close to a gas station. Ivan went and got 2 liters of gasoline that got us to the gas station.

We are learning to be content with God's timing and persevere!

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