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Day 11 - Documents not quite right, need to return again on Monday...

We went the child department this morning and were suppose to simply give them some documents for their final approval. Well, apparently the documents were not quite done the way they wanted them. But it doesn't appear to be too big of a deal. We'll have to go to a different building on Monday in Kiev and get the documents edited the way they want them. Then, we'll return to the child department on Monday. They said it will not effect the time frame as they won't process the documents until Friday. Yet, Dima, our lawyer, talked about asking them to process it sooner in the week. So we'll wait and see what Monday holds.

Something I left out yesterday that I think you'll find interesting. We had another encounter with the police in Nizhyn yesterday. Ivan had to find a place that had another document we needed. So he told our driver to park next to this taxi. Ivan gets out of the car to ask for directions and then walks somewhere else while we waited in the car with our driver. The police car drives up right in front of our car and the driver had to get out again to talk with the police officer. Our driver can't hear very well, so the police officer was having to yell. It was kind of comical, yet we wondered what was going on because, of course, we could not understand any of it. The driver did not appear to get a ticket, but he needed to move the car. Apparently, he was not suppose to be parked where he was. The police do appear to like to pull people over here and it appears to be common occurrence. We just find it funny that every time we have gone to Nizhyn we have an encounter with the police.

P.S. Lisa pointed out that in some of the posts, I have spelled our lawyer's name two different ways (Evan & Ivan). The correct spelling is "Ivan". You see the letter "I" is pronounced as a long "e" sound here in Ukraine. So I unintentionally tend to spell his name like is sounds. For example, some people in American have pronounced Vika like you would say "Vicka" (short 'i' sound). Instead, it is suppose to be pronounced "Veka" (long 'e' sound).

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